What is a 1CC?

The term '1CC' stands for One Credit Clear. It refers to the process of beating a game using a single credit (not continuing). Arcade games are for the most part, designed with an unfair balance towards the player but with an addicting gameplay element to them. This was done in order to have the player fail the play through therefore forcing them to spend more money to continue their current game or start again from the beginning.

Most of these disadvantages can be mitigated by player skill, depending on the game. It's exceedingly satisfying to learn an arcade game knowing that you're going in with the odds against you and overcoming these obstacles using your own skills and strategies.

What is the 1CC Marathon?

1CC Marathon is a yearly event organized by Pasky primarily featuring arcade games played by highly skilled and knowledgable people attempting to complete a 1CC live. FOR THE GLORY OF IT!

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